Sunday, November 16, 2014

Throw Together Night

It's pretty easy to make dinner after a shopping trip that looks like this:

Not so easy when the fridge looks like this:

One of the ways I make my budget work is to challenge myself at the end of every week to throw together a meal with whatever is left before I go shopping the next morning. That takes some serious work sometimes when I don't buy any extraneous foods. It has worked well so far though.

The first week I made enchiladas with leftover corn tortillas, leftover shredded chicken, an extra can of red beans with chili sauce, and 3 different kinds of leftover cheeses.

The second week I made these twice baked potatoes with leftover broccoli, kale, chili, and sliced american cheese.

I challenge you to make an entire meal out of leftovers the night before you go grocery shopping. Get creative, use Pinterest, and have fun with it!
Chime in! Are you able to get creative with leftovers? Share your creations here.

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