Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Before and After, Bookshelf Declutter

I am FINALLY getting around to some of the decluttering projects I've been meaning to do. 
Today's was fairly simple. The bookshelf next to my work desk. You know, the work desk that is covered in all the junk that *should* be on the bookshelf...

Here is the before:

Consolidated some things, got rid of a stack of magazines, moved another stack to a more useful place, threw out a couple scrapbooks from years ago that have no relevance to me now, and found a lot of trash....
All in all, a lot easier than I expected!

Aaaand, here is how it looks now!

Plenty of space for the rest of the stuff hanging around the house that belongs here. But I also expect that this bookshelf will appear here again, that's still good bit of stuff.

Chime in: What have you decluttered this week?

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